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What my past clients have to say:

I had the pleasure of working with Paula on a startup project with TOP Mortgage Training. Paula was at the forefront of the project, developing a comprehensive design for our platform. She has a true understanding of the user and was able to create a functional and appealing design with true flow. I would not hesitate to work with Paula on future projects and highly recommend her for yours! Jessica Elledge, Director of Training, TOP
Paula brought so many important improvements and considerations to my attention while being supportive the whole time. I appreciated the way she reframed my thinking about my brand and website functionality and brought excellent examples on how I should better convey my brand story. Arielle, Founder of The Materials Design Co.
[Paula’s] attention to detail on all parts of the process of creating a lead-generation landing page was top-notch. From concept development to execution, Paula provided seemless lines of communication, quick response to feedback and boundless creativity. I would highly recommend her to any potential clients that are looking for innovative ideas from start to finish and beautiful deliverables. Natalie Cosgrove, Senior Designer at Outbrain
Every time we’re launching a new campaign or updating our landing page we come to Paula for her help. She’s great at making sure every word and message is consistent with the IconJar brand. Davey Hauser, Founder and Designer at IconJar
Paula is a great designer with a discerning eye and an incredible work ethic. Her energy is fantastic and so is her work! Sam DeCesare, Developer at Poll Everywhere
Paula is an amazing person to work with. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, but she ensures all her projects are thorough and immaculate. She takes the time to ask a lot of questions to ensure the end-project is what we had in mind, and cares deeply about the end-user and target audience. On a personal level, Paula is a great person to be around. Her positive, can-do attitude made this partnership a true success. Rachel Jermansky, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Outbrain
There are two types of marketers: those who excel in data and those who excel in creative. Paula is a non-nonsense web design machine, excelling in the perfect marriage of stat and creative. Better yet, her speed to market is exceptional! If you need a dependable, data-driven web designer, turn to Paula. Lauren Pica, Head of Marketing (North America) at Outbrain
[Paula’s] efforts, which spanned dozens of student interviews, designs, project management, and QA led to the largest single change to student retention we’d seen to date. Thinkful saw a 20% increase in students successfully completing their free trial as a direct result of her work. That’s a lot of education we now get to provide. Darrell Silver, Founder and CEO at Thinkful
Finding someone that is both talented and good at working with a team, is a big challenge. Being able to project idea visually in a beautiful and yet simple way is incredibly hard. This is why we work with Paula. Luis Ramos, Head Engineer at TOP
We were launching a brand new business online in a new market and she helped us create everything we needed for the launch in a very tight time-frame. Thanks to Paula’s efforts we were able to start our marketing efforts ahead of schedule. Ben Weisberg, Project Manager at InviAir