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Lead generation focused web design consultant

Creating an optimized website or landing pages that generate fantastic business results isn’t black magic. It’s strategy. Whether you don’t know where to start or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, I’m here to help you.

Tell me the ROI you’d like to see from your website, and I will tell you exactly how we can get you there.

What past clients have to say:

I had the pleasure of working with Paula on a startup project with TOP Mortgage Training. Paula was at the forefront of the project, developing a comprehensive design for our platform. She has a true understanding of the user and was able to create a functional and appealing design with true flow. I would not hesitate to work with Paula on future projects and highly recommend her for yours! Jessica Elledge, Director of Training, TOP
Paula brought so many important improvements and considerations to my attention while being supportive the whole time. I appreciated the way she reframed my thinking about my brand and website functionality and brought excellent examples on how I should better convey my brand story. Arielle, Founder of The Materials Design Co.
We were launching a brand new business online in a new market and she helped us create everything we needed for the launch in a very tight time-frame. Thanks to Paula’s efforts we were able to start our marketing efforts ahead of schedule. Ben Weisberg, Project Manager at InviAir
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My name is Paula

I’m a web designer who uses data-backed insights and human psychology to design well-performing websites.

I help my clients break their sales records, foster stronger customer relationships, and enjoy the benefits of being a successful business owner. With almost a decade of experience and expert knowledge that can be summarized as “what makes people convert and buy online,” I build up 6- and 7-figure brands for my clients.

Will you let me help you get more leads?

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What kind of ROI can you expect?

When you hire me, you’re paying for expertise on getting you more conversions, more leads, and more sales.

You’re hiring me to ask you the right questions about your marketing and sales strategy and to give you a customer experience that’s optimized for your target audience’s needs.

Optimized websites convert the best. Simple as that.

I’m ready to work with you

The numbers don’t lie

Every $1 invested in improving the customer experience returns anywhere between $2 to $100 back. Yup, you read that right!

Source: Peter Eckert, Forbes

89% of consumers purchased from a competitor following a poor experience.

Read: Improvements to a customer’s journey lead to higher conversions and sales.

Source: Oracle, Customer Experience Impact Report

400% increase in conversion rates when you optimize the customer experience.

Read: An optimized website is a vital and profitable business asset with massive potential in ROI.

Source: Forrester Research

38% of people stop engaging when content is unattractive or too long.

Read: Strategic design improvements positively influence your bounce, conversion, and even churn rates.

Source: Adobe’s State of Content Report

68% of shoppers give up when they think a company doesn’t care for them.

Read: The right experience sends the right message to your customers and extends your customer’s lifetime value.

Source: The Rockefeller Corporation, Smashing Magazine

Yup, I did that:

Paula’s efforts, which spanned dozens of student interviews, designs, project management, and QA led to the largest single change to student retention we’d seen to date. Thinkful saw a 20% increase in students successfully completing their free trials as a direct result of her work. That’s a lot of education we now get to provide. Darrell Silver, Founder and CEO at Thinkful

Why should you work with me right now?

The very fact that you have a goal to reach and a business problem to solve is the urgency. Why would you ever want to postpone generating more leads and making more sales?

My strengths lie in using data and target audience insights in crafting fantastic web pages that convert well. Are you ready to get started on reaching your next business milestone?

I’m ready to take action

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