About - Paula Borowska

My name is Paula.

With my design and psychology background, I am dedicated in helping women build long-lasting, prosperous brands that attraact their ideal clients.

Today, I am a desinger and a strategist, a writer and a mentor, and a traveler.

Crazy and passionate about creating stunning brands that build remarkable businesses

I am so profoundly inspired by women who are building their own empires. Women helping other women. Women who are purpose driven, determined, persistent. These are my heroes. These women always get back up. They keep pushing and keep trying. I’d describe them as healers, helpers, influencers, caring, embracing, empowering, unstoppable.

My mission is to help other women achieve their business dream (so that they can live their greater purpose). I do precisely that by using my design, business, and human psychology skills to help businesswomen create stunning brands that attract their ideal customers in order to grow and skyrocket their businesses to their next level.

What do I value?

People over profit

Success goes deeper then money because I also measure it with real connections, authentic experiences, value-added and lives changed.

Beauty, emotion and connection

My strength lies in giving brands connections and relationships that create strong, relevant brands with loving and supportive audiences.

I am in love with it

I am head over heels in love with my work. It combines psychology, people, crafting, and beauty all so perfectly together.

Keeping it simple

Simple things are clear and easily understood.

On a personal level

Just in case you want to know me more personally, here you go. I’m originally from Poland by way of Long Island, NY. I’ve been a designer for over seven years now working mostly with service-based startups and small companies.

I am a little obsessed with cognitive and behavioral psychology as well as social economic. It’s what I read to help me do my job better but mostly because I genuinely enjoy it.

Travel taught me..empathy, understanding and a whole lot about..curiousity.

Growing up, I always admired older people with great stories to tell. That’s how I imagined I’d lead my life, and so I do. I travel and plan for experiences of all sorts. Although I have gathered plenty so far, I am too excited about all the adventures and stories I have yet to have.

So far, some of my highlights include having slept in the Sahara under the night sky while looking over the Moroccan/Algerian border. I trained in Muay Thai and boxing for three months in the Philippines. I got a Sak Yant tattoo in Bangkok (that I forget I have). I almost fell off a waterfall in Brazil. I will always remember that I couldn’t book a horseback riding session in La Paz, Bolivia because of “technical difficulties with the horses.” ?

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