17 insightful and inspiring growth mindset resources (for business owners)

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’m a big advocate of thinking outside of the box and trying new things. This week I wanted to share with you several growth mindset resources that I use to help me do just that. And, they’re all free. 

In the past, I’ve created a couple of articles regarding fantastic books business owners should read. Not, it’s everything but!

These online resources help me get inspired and think more critically. They help me be a more effective and creative problem solver too. I’ve used these resources to see the world differently and to learn new things. If you’re someone who wants to learn and improve your problem-solving skills, these growth mindset resources will suit you well too. 

TL;DR – The below 17 growth mindset resources are a good mixture of talks, series, podcasts, and even an occasional blog. They’re bound to help you grow professionally – but also personally. Pick and choose what suits your needs best. 

1. Mel Robbins’ Mindset Reset

First on the list is a wonderful series from Mel Robbins, which ran in January 2019. The Mindset Reset series was a free 35-day coaching experience with Mel. Its goal was to help people create a positive mindset (a growth mindset) to achieve their goals. It was a great program; I still reflect on it today. The best part is that it’s open-ended. You can use the techniques Mel teaches you to improve yourself, your business, your team, or your family. It’s quality content as far as growth mindset resources go!

2. What does it mean to express yourself?

TED’s YouTube channel has plenty of different playlists. This one focuses on self-expression. Naturally, this playlist is for people struggling to either grasp or express their creativity freely. I highly recommend this playlist for anyone trying to find their creative voice or outlet. But, I’d also recommend it for anyone looking to be inspired. 

3. Armchair Expert Podcast

Armchair Export is Dax Shepard’s podcast, where he interviews celebrities. However, this isn’t gossip. Instead, Dax’s guests talk about their struggles and open up to their vulnerabilities. Some of his past guests include Lori Gottlieb (a psychotherapist), Dr. Nadine Burke Harris (California’s first Surgeon General), and Tal Ben-Shahar (a psychology professor). 

Of course, Dax also interviews many well know celebrities like Busy Philipps, Kal Penn, and Elizabeth Banks.

4. Making Sense with Sam Harris

Sam Harris’ podcast, just like his career, is a mixture of neuroscience and philosophy. The podcast tackles many different topics, such as racism or reward-based learning. The premise of the podcast is to help us understand ourselves and our realities better. If you’re into psychology, sociology, or philosophy, this podcast is going to be perfect for you. 

5. Freakonomics Radio

On a similar note, Freakonomics Radio is a dream for those of you who enjoy economics, behavioral science, and psychology. The podcast covers a broad range of topics, often on precise causes and effects. It’s a podcast I listen to when I want to see the world differently and am feeling curious about how or why we do what we do.

6. Planet Money

For those of you who are more interested in the business side of things (including money and economics), you will enjoy Planet Money. The episodes are short and come out daily. They also regularly publish their newsletters on their site too. I find their topics quite relevant to marketing and UX. For example, why can’t the California government get its residents to opt-in for free money? I mean, talk about understanding incentives and what gets people to convert, right?

7. 99% Invisible

99% invisible is quite a popular podcast, especially among the tech and design communities. The podcast answers trivial things we don’t often think about, such as why are there so many statues of a single woman throughout Manhattan or origins of the fortune cookie. Even though we often don’t think about these things, the stories behind them are quite impressive. It’s a great podcast if you’re looking to improve your own storytelling skills or want to learn something new about life. 

8. Stuff You Should Know

Chuck and Josh have been hosting this podcast for so many years now; it’s a popular podcast. The premise of the show is to educate the listeners about common facts of life and how everyday things work. I will be honest, I don’t like Chuck’s and Josh’s tangents, but it’s still an enjoyable show. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn something new or to entertain yourself. 

9. The Way We Work

I decided to include another TED playlist though this one focuses on working skills. This playlist has 17 short videos, which are roughly 5 min each. They discuss improving work relationships and how to communicate better in the workplace. All in all, this playlist can help you become more effective and productive at your job, whether you’re a solopreneur, a CMO, or an in-house employee. It’s another excellent growth mindset resource.

10. The Goal Digger Podcast

(Okay, there are more podcasts on this list than I initially thought. Oh well! Enjoy them too!) Jenna Kutcher’s podcast wants to help other entrepreneurs succeed with their business goals – hence the podcasts’ title pun. Her episodes are incredibly relevant to small business owners wanting to grow their businesses further.

I get that not everyone can listen to a podcast about how California is failing to give away free money and relate its lessons back to conversion rates (#6). Jenna’s podcast is much more straightforward and practical since her podcast covers specific topics with practical advice. For example, some of her episodes discuss working with difficult clients and running successful online communities.

11. Gabby Bernstein’s blog

Anytime I need an emotional or mental pick me up, I can turn to Gabby Bernstein’s blog. Her content is all about self-improvement and isn’t always related to business per se. Although the blog does have a business category too. Gabby’s philosophy revolves around cultivating a positive mindset to achieve your dreams. Naturally, her blog posts are filled with great ideas and good vibes, which makes her blog a quality growth mindset resource. 

12. FEA

The Female Entrepreneur Association has a blog, a podcast, and a YouTube channel, each filled with helpful advice for small businesses. Whether you’re just starting out or want to push your business’ current boundaries, they’ve got you covered. I especially enjoy the FEA’s content because of the number of guests they interview and feature. This variety allows them to cover more in-depth topics, niches, and challenges. 

13. Rachel Hollis’ blog and podcast

Rachel Hollis has a great blog that covers many different topics, from self-improvement and business to beauty and cooking. Her blog posts on business are enjoyable and insightful. However, she recently launched a podcast called Rise, and I’m a big fan of its content. Her guests are smart and talented professionals who provide practical insight and advice on running a successful business (and a successful life too). Both the blog and the podcast make for high-quality growth mindset resources. That’s why both of them are on this list.

14. Solvable Podcast

On the other hand, there is also the Solvable podcast. (Seriously, so many podcasts here 😅) I like Solvable because they tackle tremendous ideas on a global scale. Their guests are leaders in humanities who often address extremely challenging ideas revolving. For example, their past guests discussed human rights, such as free speech, poverty, and climate change. It’s interesting how these brilliant people frame the problems they’re trying to solve as well as their intended solutions. Solvable is another wonderful growth mindset resource because it’s highly inspirational and helps open up the listener’s mind, problem-solving skills, and world view. 

15. Making a Killing

Bethany McLean runs the Making a Killing podcast, and she’s on a mission to reframe how we think about important issues. She wants people to pay attention to things we might not be aware of. Bethany’s an incredible storyteller, and I particularly enjoy her ability to make you think and ask thought-provoking questions you didn’t even know you had. 

16. 99U

99U is an incredible resource for creatives. The online magazine features many fantastic blog posts and interviews. But, the site also has a collection of recorded talks from their annual conferences. 99U’s content focuses on helping people improve their creative thinking as a way to solve problems more efficiently. A quality growth mindset resource makes people want to learn, pushes them outside of their comfort zone, and opens up their minds. And that’s why highly recommend you check out their articles and videos. You will be inspired and energized. 

17. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

One last podcast for the road! Debbie Millman has been running the Design Matters podcasts for 15 years. It’s a well-regarded and well-praised podcast. Debbie was even congratulated on the podcast by Michelle Obama. That means it’s a good podcast! On Design Matters, Debbie interviews so many creative people to get to know them and their journeys. Some of her guests include Jessica HischeDavid Lee Roth, and Roxane Gay.

The takeaway

There are so many excellent resources out there for anyone of us to consume. There are blogs out there that will get you energized, podcasts that will get your creative juices flowing and YouTube videos that will help you think clearer. The above list of 17 growth mindset resources is just a small list of places on the internet I turn to when I need help being a better business owner, a more creative designer, and a more effective problem solver. My hope is that they can do the same for you.