4 simple lessons on improving customer experiences (from product design)

I’ve worked as a product designer for many years before going freelance and settling on the niche of female service-based providers. Although you’re the one providing the services whereas a designer creates the product experience, there are still plenty of lessons and parallels between the two. That’s because principles surrounding customer experiences affect both.

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What in the world does brand storytelling mean?

Storytelling is quite a popular term nowadays. But what does it mean? When it comes to brand storytelling, such as using storytelling in marketing, it refers to the company using a narrative to connect the company with its customers and audiences. Basically, it’s when a company uses its values and mission in a story-like fashion to connect with its like-minded customers.

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3 influential website mistakes with adverse business effects

I wanted to share my insights on the three most significant websites mistakes I see way too often. I kept this list short to give me more time to discuss these website mistakes in greater detail. When these three website mistakes aren’t addressed or left neglected altogether, they can seriously harm the performance of your website. Naturally, underperforming websites negatively affect your business. I’ve gathered these three website mistakes to help you avoid them so that you can keep your business growing and evolving.

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7 fantastic books for strategic business growth

Today I’ve gathered a list of 7 different books I’ve read in the last year and a half that I think all small business owners and entrepreneurs should read. I’ve specifically selected these books for strategic business growth in mind so that they can be helpful to anyone trying to grow their ventures. These books cover a variety of different topics that will make you think about running your business differently in order to grow it more effectively. 

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How to make your brand sound like a human?

The other day, I watched a wonderful talk from Anna Pickard, who is Slack’s Director of Brand Communications. The talk is called “How to make brands sound human?” It was amazing and insightful, so go check it out if you have the time. Even though she’s focused on the tone and voice of brands, I think her points make a lot of sense to branding overall. All in all, she has amazing insight on branding.

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Case studies: an authentic and practical way to reach more people

Let’s talk about case studies. If I did my research correctly, case studies originated within scientific papers. Today, the term has been adapted to portfolio pieces for creative professionals and agencies. They’re quite common for designers and developers to showcase how we work with past clients or employers. Today, I want to explain to you what they are and how they can help other kinds of business too because I firmly believe that case studies are a fantastic tool for any type of business.

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Why do people fear revisions?

Revisions are the key to great work. Yup, I said it!

Without revisions, nothing would be as successful whether we’re talking about large corporations, web design projects or concert pianists. The short version is that thanks to revisions we can tweak and adjust to compose our best work.

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