Scaling up your company through business automation and organization with Stephanie Blake

Today we’re talking with Stephanie Blake on, you guessed it, all things business automation and organization. Stephanie is the founder of The Blake Collective, where she helps entrepreneurs automate and organize their businesses. She also founded Biz Babe Collective, a membership, directory, and community for female service-based business owners. It’s a lovely community where you can collaborate and learn from other women through educational workshops or virtual coworking sessions.

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How to make an impact as a small business?

As long as I can remember, I always envisioned working for myself and running my own businesses. For a long time, I struggled to conceptualize the idea that if my company were ever to become successful and high in-demand, I’d have to give up doing what I love – designing – to manage the business and future employees instead. Because that’s what you have to do to run a successful business, right?

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7 fantastic books for strategic business growth

Today I’ve gathered a list of 7 different books I’ve read in the last year and a half that I think all small business owners and entrepreneurs should read. I’ve specifically selected these books for strategic business growth in mind so that they can be helpful to anyone trying to grow their ventures. These books cover a variety of different topics that will make you think about running your business differently in order to grow it more effectively. 

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3-part expert advice for reaching business goals

Tony Robbins is famous and admired for many things. Today, we’re going to break down a piece of advice from him regarding achieving business goals. Take a look at the below quote by Tony Robins. Of course, it’s simplified as hell but also real. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a shorter recipe for achieving business goals. It’s how I frame my personal mindset, how I run my own business and how I pitch my services to potential clients. Shall we break it down?

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Reliable fundamentals on selling to your target audience

This one is for all of you who are struggling to find more ideal clients umongs your target audience. People are everywhere. It’s knowing the best place to show up and get them to be interested and to convert. That’s the overwhelming part, isn’t it? I understand that. So, let’s go over the plan to figure out how to know exactly where to show up and how to grab your target audience’s attention.

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Is self-love the secret to running a successful business?

Here’s the thing; if you don’t see self-love as an essential business skill, we need to talk right now. As the title suggests, I do think self-love as a business owner is a key in helping you find the success you’re looking for. Sure improving your sales funnel or conversion rates matter – actually they matter a whole lot – but you can’t grow your business without confidence, and that’s where self-love comes in!

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