4 benefits of investing in a full rebranding

There are countless benefits of rebranding. However, I’ve narrowed it down to these four for anyone who is on the fence about rebranding or actually thinking about it seriously. Before I jump into the amazing benefits I’m about to cover, I want to quickly explain how vast and impactful branding is. Branding is a lot more than a logo! You can read my previous posts about the anatomy of branding, and it goes deep. However, I will summarize it here for you 😉

If you’re an online business owner such as a life coach, a web designer like myself, a photographer or even a blogger, a brand for you will most likely consist of your website, email list, and social media. You don’t nee package design, or business card even. That’s why you’d work with someone like me, a brand and website designer because your brand isn’t a lot more than that. However, branding does span a whole range of activities! Don’t forget, branding is not just visual but also verbal communication. It’s not just how your blog or tweets look but what they say and how.

Branding is everything and anything that your company puts out. It’s your perception and reputation. And, when it’s done right, it can be a powerful business tool!

Hire a designer that gives you value

A quick side note. If you are in fact seriously considering a rebranding or a redesign, remember that you get what you pay for. You don’t have to hire me, it’s okay! But hire someone that’s worth the money, someone who will bring you value! You do get what you pay for.

That’s why I advise young businesses to stay away from rebranding if they don’t have the money yet to adequately invest in a designer. If you’re just starting out, worry about providing value and building your audience first. Alright, side note over, onto the benefits of rebranding.

1. A new strategy

A proper rebranding will start by getting to know your company on a deep and personal level. You will be asked many questions to get to the bottom of what your company stands for (its values), what it wants to achieve and how (its mission and vision) and, most importantly, who you want to attract (your target clients). If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I believe that the brand’s code sets the whole company strategy.

If you know what your company has to offer and what makes it unique as well as the people you want to work with, then you know exactly how to position your landing pages, your ads, your social media campaigns, and so on. That’s how a new and improved company strategy comes from! And that’s why the first of the four benefits of rebranding is that rebranding will reestablish a new strategy for your company.

With the rebranding, you will do some soul searching for your company and its brand. Having a brand strategy that finally aligns with your company initiative is going to feel amazing – especially if you’ve been shifting and evolving for a long time now. Things evolve, company directions shift and change. That’s perfectly okay! With a rebranding, you will be putting your whole company back on its new trajectory. You will be getting a strategy and a branding that’s up to date. Trust me when I say this, but the clarity you will gain from rediscovering your company core will be liberating!

2. Consistent communication

As I already mentioned, branding is not just the visual – especially not just the logo either. Branding is also your tone and voice. It’s what you say and how you say it. If you’re vulgar and sarcastic on Twitter, you can’t be sweet and innocent on your blog. It just doesn’t match. Actually, it’s a hell of a mixed signal.

The second of the four benefits of rebranding is getting a style guide and templates for communicating your whole brands on all of your channels. Again, I already brushed upon this, but for online businesses, it’s a visual and verbal style guide for your website, blog and landing page, all of your social media accounts, your ads, and your mailing list. That’s really it. Maybe a presentation deck if you do webinars or masterclasses often.

You will no longer have to guess or pick a nice font for your Pinterest posts last minute. That’s because you will have a premade templates from which you choose and plug in the missing information. The same goes for your landing pages and Instagram stories.

This second benefit of rebranding is terrific because it’s kind of the meat and potatoes of why many people do rebrand in the first place; they are looking for a new but consistent look. Having the same look and feel across all of your channels is a big deal, it’s a significant benefit of rebranding.

3. Feeling confident

Let’s face it, rebranding is a makeover. And who doesn’t love a good makeover! Of course, you are bound to feel confident about you and your business when it’s been all dressed up by a professional! Feeling confident about your business is a hell of a feeling! Although there are plenty of benefits of rebranding, this one is all about the feels!

Additionally, all the soul-searching and mindset work you would have done for your rebranding will most definitely make you feel all sorts of positive emotions (such as confidence)!

You have taken the time to grow your company and grow your brand to what it is. Now, adding a fresh coat of paint on it will feel amazing! You will feel so proud of how your company is being represented! It will feel all sorts of amazing. I promise! You will feel confident showing off your brand left and right. You will no longer feel self-conscious because your brand will look and feel exactly how it’s supposed to!

4. A business investment

The last of the four benefits of rebranding is that it is a business investment. Between the strategizing and getting the right look and feel nailed down, rebranding can help you take your business to the next level. Hear me out. With a rebranding, yes, you will have a new strategy to use it. You will also have greater clarity on your unique offer and the ideal clients you want to work with. Use that information to your advantage!

Use the new branding to go after your ideal clients at full speed; use it to increase your prices too if you wanna. I think this benefit of rebranding is so essential, yet so often left out because it’s not the most obvious.

Design has the ability to connect to people, stir emotions and make people feel something… and when your visual brand can do that for you -and- your audience, the sky is the limit for your business!

Allison Burns, AllieMarie Design

Because you will be able to connect with your ideal clients, you will sign them on, and work on your perfect project. If that isn’t #bizgoals, then I don’t know what is. That too will make you a whole lot happy and confident, by the way.

It’s 100% a positive spiral. When you begin to exclusively cater to and attract your target audience and ideal clients, you will be on top of the world. In turn, you will be happy working, you will be charging more, you will be bringing your business to the next level. And that, my friends, is the real benefit of branding: taking your business to the next level.

The takeaway

If you are seriously considering a rebranding, I want you to start doing your research! Start looking for designers who specialize in your field and start getting on calls with them to see what kind of value they can bring to your business.

For those of you who are interested, here is my pitch: I am a web and brand designer and strategist. I do exactly what this article talks about. With my design and psychology background, I am is dedicated to helping women build long-lasting, prosperous brands. I work primarily with service-based online entrepreneurs in the wellness or spirituality industries such as coaches, bloggers, therapists, photographers, what have you.

My mission is to help women like yourself achieve your business dreams so that you can live your greater purpose. That’s why I build amazing brands and amazing websites because I know they will get your business to the next level and your next business goal. If you’re interested:

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