Why I don’t sell websites

Believe it or not, websites are not all made equal. Many people don’t realize this. Often times, a client is prescriptive in what they want and a designer obliges with some creative suggestions. But that approach is 100% wrong; let me tell you why I don’t actually sell websites.

Websites aren’t a commodity. They’re not like gasoline, where you stop at whatever gas station has the lowest price because the end product is the same.

Erin Flynn

Clients don’t want to buy websites either

A website is only a means to an end. You can’t just stick a few different pieces of a website together and expect it to work efficiently for your business. That’s not how things work!

Many times clients will come to me asking for a website, and that’s okay. My job is to get to the bottom of why they think they want one. For instance, a client might wish to gain more signups, have a smaller bounce rate, more traffic to their blog or more sales and revenue. Now that’s something I can work with! Business goals are the way to go; websites are just a means to that end!

What many people will do is shop around to find the cheapest designer. And they will get what they pay for. They will get something quickly put together that doesn’t address the issue they are actually trying to solve. They will be wasting their time and money. They might even make their problem worse since their new website didn’t take anything into consideration except a new style. That’s just all sorts of terrible.

So, what can we do about it?

Why do you want a new website?

Since the initial inquiry, I will start asking you questions. “What isn’t working for you with your website, branding or online business in general?” or “What’s your current business obstacle?“ Although those are two vague questions, they get the ball rolling into figuring out your actual issue. I go in-depth and get specific.

Some clients know for a fact they want to lower their bounce rate to improve readership of their blog and revenue from ads. Perfect. But, sometimes they don’t know exactly what’s the key issue they’re facing; they just know they need a website that’s a lot more efficient at making them money. I got you!

Either way, I will take you through a process to uncover what exactly can a website do for you and how can I provide you with a website that serves your business well. This also relates to creating a brand that has your unique essence. That too takes digging in and buying a stock logo, and colour scheme won’t be the answer to building that irresistible brand.

I offer you a strategy

Whatever your business goal is, I will make sure to provide you a definite, end-to-end strategy to get you the business results you seek. Yes, a pretty website is most often part of it as web design is my business solution medium of choice. But, in all honesty, the visual design is the part I do last in my process.

While developing you a custom solution for your website, I can also suggest marketing campaigns, product launch help, logo redesigns, whatever. A website is only a single element of a brand as a whole; there are many other opportunities to let that new branding shine.

However, the most important thing is to know what your website is supposed to do for you and how it’s going to do it. We’ll talk about many things including sales funnels, customer journeys, conversion and retention rates too. We’ll get you a strategy that is perfect for your specific company and one that resonates with your unique target audience also.

Strategy ain’t a commodity either

Providing custom strategies is how I offer value to my customers. And that’s what you’re ultimately paying me for. You’re paying for the value I will give back to your business. As I said, anyone can put together a website – you can probably do it yourself through Squarespace – but not everyone can make a site that improves your bottom line 10% month over month.

That’s what you’re paying me for.

You care about business results. You don’t care if your website is ultimately blue or red. You don’t care about the layout as long as the whole thing is getting you that lower bounce rate and higher ad revenue.

You’re not paying me for a website, and I’m not selling you one. You’re paying for more leads, more customers, higher retention rate, more signups, or spending less time on maintenance.

Not all websites are created equal

Yup, that’s true. And now you know why. Whether you hire me or someone else, make sure they are providing you with business value. You can get a cheap or a free website done quickly, but I promise you, if you have a legitimate online business needs, that $150 site ain’t gonna move a single needle.

A picture of my website and laptop

Buy a business solution instead

Stop leaving money on the table. A website is a business tool above else. Would you procrastinate on social media growth and marketing? Would you constantly postpone on your sales calls? Of course not! Then stop procrastinating on a proper website too. You’re throwing away opportunities on improving your lead generation, reaching a larget audience or getting more sales.

Stop telling yourself you’ll get to it eventually. Again, you’re letting sales and signups fall through the cracks every day until you finally have the time to do something about it.

Without sales, or selling more than you spend, your business is doomed. By having an online presence you allow for the sale of your products or services around the clock to whoever whenever with no or hardly any limitations. … The more customers and visitors you have, the more sales you will generate.

Dogulin Digital

I can get you a brand that’s magnetic and draws demand for your product or services. I can get you a website that is making you money 24/7 while you’re sleeping or on vacation. I can help you build a platform for your own message and cause.

If you’re ready to commit, if you’re prepared to improve your business, then let’s get you that money you deserve!