Solution to help you grow your business.


This list of services is here to grow your business, to create customer loyalty and to improve your bottom line. Depending on your specific project needs you’ll need different parts of my expertise.

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Growth strategy.


The best growth strategy starts with understanding people, your business, and your customers. With collaboration, analytics, and added creativity I will work with you to identify realistic opportunities, strategies, and areas for improvement. Speaking with and understanding your target audience is key in positioning your organization for growth.


Heuristic evaluation
Product roadmap
Campaign strategy
Opportunity analysis
Content strategy
User research




Everything about how your target audience interacts with your organization is the brand experience. The goal here is for us to make you into a strong and holistic brand by working with your core values and translating them into something your target audience can resonate with to increase your customer loyalty.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Marketing collateral
Brand guidelines
Messaging, voice and tone
Visual styleguide


Branding articles:


Interactive and visual design.


The best products alleviate user pain points and instead create moments of delight and ease. By understanding your target audience's needs we can create the best possible products and experiences for them. With strategy, user research and testing, together we will end up with something your customers or visitors will love. No guesswork is necessary.


Content strategy
Information architecture
User flow mapping
Wireframes and prototypes
User experience
Visual design
Responsive design
Visual styleguide


Interactive and visual design articles:


Interactive and visual design projects:




Customer loyalty can be traced back to the message a company portrays. Together, we can create a cohesive, well-expressed and authentic communication style you can use consistently throughout your website, your advertising and marketing campaigns as well as on social media.


Messaging, voice and tone
Voice and tone styleguide
Content strategy


Communication articles:


Communication project:

Happy about the positive things my clients have to say about me 😍

What others are saying:


To me, the work I do is all about building great relationships. Here are some nice things the people I worked with have to say about me, my work and my services.

[Paula’s] efforts, which spanned dozens of student interviews, designs, project management, and QA led to the largest single change to student retention we’d seen to date. Thinkful saw a 20% increase in students successfully completing their free trial as a direct result of her work. That’s a lot of education we now get to provide.
— Darrell Silver, Thinkful
Whenever we write new copy for the IconJar website we always let Paula shine some light on it to make sure that the message comes across correctly and that our tone of voice fits our brand.
— Devey Heuser, IconJar
Paula is amazing to work with. She is very quick at creating deliverables and responding to questions. Paula is definitely my go to designer every time I need help.
— Robert Kuykendall, Mighty
Working with Paula was an absolute pleasure. She asked all of the right questions to make sure she understood our business and our customers. Her priority was to provide the most valuable experience to new customers by consolidating and streamlining our marketing presence while still delivering crucial technical details in an attractive way.

Paula was also great at setting clear expectations. She consistently moved multiple projects forward and always followed through on her deadlines. We were launching a brand new business online in a new market and she helped us create everything we needed for the launch in a very tight time-frame. Thanks to her efforts we were able to start our marketing efforts ahead of schedule.
— Ben Weisberg, InviAir
Paula is a great designer with a discerning eye and incredible work ethic. She will ensure the work gets done and done well.
— Sam DeCesare, Poll Everywhere