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How do you gamify a fitness app in 10 days? Read more to find out! But in all honesty, it took a lot of discussion and throwing around ideas. Our plan was to cut out as many features as possible while focusing on the overall user experience. 

The key elements of the app had to stay. Actually, they had to be improved in order to be captivating enough for people to try another fitness app that promised them fun times and a healthier life. 


When a new student signs up for Thinkful’s Web Development Career Path, the student will need to provide us with information that will let us match them with the best mentor for them (personal and human). We also want the students to feel confident about starting their learning journey with us by utilizing all the available resources to them (confidence boosting).


When potential customers visit, they should experience a professionally presented website. They want to experience friendliness and expertise. (This includes both desktop and mobile experiences.)


When a new user decides to sign up for Thinkful’s Web Development Career Path, the student needs to know how they are going to pay for it. The student need to sign up and pay for the account quickly.


More UI work: Dribbble


Companies I worked with: 25 Days of Ideas, Adobe, ClothesHorse, Design Rocket, Hupla, Inbox, Jungle Vista, Lilly, Localwise, MyGymPals, Thinkful, Poll Everywhere, Red Rover.