How to write positive, energetic and confident copy?

Writing copy can be a challenge. Not all of us find writing easy, myself included. Yet, it’s got to be done. I do believe all business owners should be able to speak about their business confidently on their own. It’s a worthwhile skill to invest in. However, if you can hire a copywriter I still strongly suggest it. When you know how to write confident copy and speak energetically about your business it will make your collaboration and partnership a lot better with your copywriters!

I’ve devised a 3-step plan on helping you get the hang of writing confident copy yourself. Shall we?

Confidence isn’t knowing how things will turn out, it’s trusting yourself to do what you’re best at. Trust yourself to make those leaps and you’ll not only be a more confident writer, but you’ll be writing some of your best work.

Steve Errey, How to Write With Confidence

Step 1: What makes you good at your job?

A big first step is psyching yourself up about your own products and services. There are a few key questions I’d like for you to consider because I want you to convince yourself why you’re amazing. This starts by listing out all the reason why you’re marvelous at your job. Think about all of your accomplishments and all the reasons why you do what you do. Point to any awards you may have been nominated for or won (competitions too). Think back through our past work. What makes you proud of your past projects?

Write out all the reasons that you’re an incredible fashion designer or a killer business coach. Write it from your perspective – we’ll get to the perspective of your clients later. Whatever you do, don’t hold back and have fun! This is just the first of the three steps on learning to write confident copy.

Energy is easily felt by us all

Positive energy can be felt in how we present ourselves, online or otherwise. The same way negative, indifferent or forced energy can be felt by people too. If you’re not psyched about what you have to offer, people visiting your site will feel it and won’t be excited either. We all sense when someone is lost and therefore comes across as forceful or inauthentic. The best way to avoid that and, in turn, produce positive and confident copy is by changing how you speak about yourself first.

Selling products

If you’re selling products such as online courses or eBooks, talk about what makes them incredible too. Think about all the reasons why you poured your heart and soul into them. Confident copy starts with you being energized about what you have to sell, no matter what you’re selling.

Step 2: What do your clients gain from hiring you?

Next, we must think about your offer from the perspective of your target audience and ideal clients. Here we’re following a similar train of thought as in step 1 but from the perspective of your target audience. Why should they be thrilled to hire you? What should they be excited about working with you?

List out all of their pinpoints, wants and needs. Think about their motivations for solving these problems. Then, rewrite them in a manner that’s thrilling and exciting. Keep it positive! I encourage you to write a lot as you’re just brainstorming here.

There’s a wonderful European-style market and bakery in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas. … what I love most about the place is the sign on the door when you leave. … It says: “See you tomorrow.” That kind of confidence is compelling and downright sexy. Sure, a fantastic product, service, or experience is the starting point from which confidence comes, but too many people play it scared and safe even when what they offer is truly great.

Brian Clark, The Power of Confident Writing

Dive deep. Keep asking why to get more detailed answers. For example, “They should be excited to work with me because I can help them make more money per month” is a very general statement. Keep asking why. Why is making more money important for them? Why is that an amazing accomplishment? Keep going till you have a very detailed picture.

Benefits paint a better picture

Keep focusing on the benefits of working with you such as having a relatable brand. Forgo the features such as a brand style guide. Instead, ask and answer what makes having a style guide a good benefit for them? Those benefits are a lot more important and a key element of confident copy.

Your skills are a great asset

It’s also a good idea to use your skills and gifts to back up the amazing results you could be providing them. Your skills should be a big part of the selling points for your services. Without them, writing confident copy is a lot more difficult.

How does your background in psychology or corporate world help you be a better life coach? How does your passion for the environment make you a fantastic fashion designer to buy from?

Step 3: Identify the urgency

Invoking a sense of urgency in your leads is the biggest factor in converting them. The best converting copy uses this sense of urgency to push the buttons of their visitors. It’s the quickest way to get them to act.

There are two types of urgencies, one on your part and one on theirs. An example of urgency on your part is you telling someone that your course is only available for sale till tomorrow or that you only have 2 client spots left for this month. The truth is, no one will give a damn about these things if they aren’t convinced to work with you in the first place.

That’s why you must interest them in working with you otherwise no “sales gimmick” of limited time offer is going to work. Focusing exclusively on why the matter at hand is urgent for them is the best approach. Save the ‘limited time offers’ for the calls, not your website.

You can’t find confidence—but you can build it by taking action.

Nicki Krawczyk

Urgency on the part of your target audience

The best piece of advice I can give you here is that the simple fact they have a problem is the urgency on their part. The point is to talk into the problem, that it, in fact, exists right now. Paint them a detailed picture that the longer they wait, the further away they are from their dreams and goals.

Essentially, you’re reminding them (or making them realize) that they must address their problem today, not someday. Use the ideas you’re already produced about why you’re amazing to back up your claims. If you’re selling products, the idea is still the same. What reward or benefit would buying your eBook give them today? The same idea holds true if what you’re selling is just for fun and not about solving a pressing problem.

The takeaway

Writing stellar copy doesn’t have to be daunting or some sort of a mystery. The three steps outlined in this post are a perfect way to help reframe how you think about writing your copy, confidently and positively. The three principles can be applied to any business writing you do, from your homepage, landing pages, about pages to your social media posts, webinars, and other freebies. With this mindset, you can improve how you answer questions, inquiries, and emails as well.

Now go on and get started drawing that amazing, positive and confident copy of yours!