What makes me different?

Why should you care to hire a designer to help grow your business? Easy. My background in product design and creating marketing websites has helped me realize what it takes to build a successful company.

There is no magic secret. It boils down to what your company stands for, how your company positions itself and what your target audience needs. The latter two is what I help you figure out.

In my seven years of experience, I’ve worked exclusively on small teams. I had to learn many other things besides Photoshop in order to do my job well. And, to do my job well, it’s crucial to understand that the end design is irrelevant if it’s not doing its job for your audience and your business. It does a disservice (if anything). Over the years, I’ve come to rely on vast processes that lead to growth.

I want to work with amazing women who want to help their own customers. I want to use my skills to empower your company. I want to help you succeed in helping others. I don't care what your business does; I only care that you're trying to make life a little easier or a little better for your own customers.

Overly simplified examples.


Improve growth.

Solidifying your company’s voice helps us know what will resonate with your audience. I then take this information and make you a significantly effective landing page. That’s how we grow your signs ups, leads or conversions.

Improve loyalty.

Through market and user research, I learn about the pain points your audience has. This information enables me to create a deliverable that your users will need, want and like. That’s how we get you more paid customers, improved customer retention, and loyalty.

Improve the bottom line.

All in all, I help you nail down how to align your business' offerings and messages with your audience needs. Once those two align, that's how I create a positive impact on your bottom line.


One last thing.

[Paula’s] efforts, which spanned dozens of student interviews, designs, project management, and QA led to the largest single change to student retention we’d seen to date. Thinkful saw a 20% increase in students successfully completing their free trial as a direct result of her work. That’s a lot of education we now get to provide.
— Darrell Silver, Thinkful

Being a designer, I see how different things affect the businesss and customer’s perception of them. I have multiple processes in place that help me do exceptional work. That's my secret sauce strategy - these methods ensure informed progress. If I can’t have a business without being strategic, neither can you.

Are you ready to get started?