The overlooked benefits of confidence in selling online

If your business is doing well, all the power to you! Seriously. However, if you’re struggling to sell, especially if you lack confidence in selling or it makes you extremely uncomfortable, this one’s for you.

Selling is such an essential aspect of business. No matter what you do, or how you do it. Selling is vital. Selling online comes in different forms. From social media posts to landing pages… If you’re selling online and if you’re struggling with it, you’re in the right place. Let’s get real and talk about the importance of getting comfortable selling online and what the hell does that have to do with having a good website.

Why do sales matter?

In short, sales feed your business. Whether you’re a street vendor, a musician or an online retailer. Without sales, you won’t be able to sustain your business. Having just enough sales does not sustain your business. It’s actually death by a thousand cuts because making just enough money is still stressful. It doesn’t allow you to reap the benefits that come with being a business owner. There is a big and significant difference when it comes to not selling enough, selling just enough and having a healthy business.

What does being comfortable selling online have to do with a website?

Websites are an automatic online sales tools. And the better your website is, the more sales it generates. It’s an extension of your business.

They are particularly useful to help you close a deal and land a new client when you’re busy serving your current clients, working on other aspects of your business, enjoying your life or even sleeping.

Selling online - woman smiling at her phone

Unfortunately, the optimized websites take time to make. It’s never one and done. I think that’s a widespread reason why business owners get discouraged in investing in their websites and online presences. Just remember that if you’re not comfortable on a sales call, or pitching to a stranger at a meetup, your website comes off just as awkardly.

The overlooked benefits of selling more

The old saying “if you build it, they will come” has never been more false. A business requires a lot more effort than that. And when business owners are uncomfortable with selling, they get mediocre results, at best.

The more you sell, the more clients you serve. That means you get to use your amazing skills to help more people. When your business is doing well because you’re supporting:

  • Your clients – more clients, served means more consumers or businesses helped with your amazing gift!
  • Yourself – because you’re making more money, are less stress and are enjoying the successes of your business.
  • Your family – you can spend more time with them, you can afford to buy things fro them whether it’s necessities, gifts, trips or for the pure joy of it all.
  • Your employees – you can hire more people, you can give them amazing perks, benefits and quality compensation.
  • Your cause – many of us love to support causes dear to us, and often times we go into business because of them. You’re free to donate more of your time or money. By contributing to causes that you care about, you’re living out the vision you set out for your company and your life.
  • Your community – it’s very true that buying locally is essential to the local community, but a community can be greater than that. Besides shopping at all the great local spots, you’re in a position to mentor others as well, giving back and passing it forward. You’re becoming an inspiration to people who see you and want to be like you or where you are.

Those are some powerful things to think about, don’t you think?

Be proactive about selling online

If you take the plunge to get more comfortable with selling online, you will have to deal with discomfort at first. That’s given. After all, you’re trying to get more comfortable here. However, when you persevere, you’ll shortly realize that there was nothing to be scared of and that you’re growing awfully fast. (This is all a big theme in all aspects of being an entrepreneur, isn’t it?)

Selling online - jars at a bakery

No matter the comfort zone we must push through, we often end up in a positive spiral that feels hella empowering as soon as the discomfort fades.

What does discomfort have to do with selling online?

Easy. There is always something holding us back. I’ve dealt with this too. When I first started my transition from the occasional freelance project to a full-time design business owner, I have dealt with self-doubt and discomfort. That’s natural.

What’s not okay is never pushing past it and being in a cycle of trying different things every few weeks because they aren’t working. When I did this, I felt stuck. No wonder nothing was working! I never properly invested in a single method to see it work!

Taking a step back

To get more comfortable in selling online, or selling in general, start with getting a deep and intimate understanding of two things: your clients and how your services serve them. Who do you want to work with? And, what kind of value do you provide to these people?

Although these might seem like simple questions, many online entrepreneurs get hung up at a surface level (especially first-time entrepreneurs). There is often a lot of self-doubt about bringing value to a client’s life or business. When you don’t believe in your services or products it shows. People can smell lack of confidence for miles. It’s why so many big corporate advertisements feel impersonal. We can tell they don’t give a shit about us but only making bank and lining their own pocket.

Step one: identifying your fears and values

The first step is to start believing in the services you provide. You must take the time to get honest with yourself – whether it’s a few minutes or a few days. Think about this honestly and deeply. Do whatever you go to do – consult a business coach or meditate – to start believing and understanding the value you bring through your services.

You are WORTHY of selling your skills and gifts.

I’ll repeat it.

You are worthy of selling your skills and gifts.

There are people out there who not only need your help but are willing to pay good money for it. When you genuinely believe this, you will act and speak differently about your services. And, it will show quickly.

Ask yourself:

  1. What specifically about selling scares you? (Hint, it’s deeper than “fear of rejection”)
  2. List 3-5 reasons why each of those fears isn’t true.
  3. How would you act and condone yourself if you didn’t experience those fears?

Step two: research your ideal client

After you’ve taken a look at yourself, it’s time to take a look at your ideal client. Start talking to these people, do your research. Getting to know them, and their pain points, is the easiest way of selling to them. It will allow you to speak their language and connect with them instantly.

Selling online - woman smiling into the distance

The conversations will go smoother if they feel like you’re someone that gets them. People have an innate desire to be heard. The only way you can truly listen to them is if you’re not struggling with a lack of confidence. When you’re not confident, you’re distracted by its absence. And it shows.

When you know your client’s problem inside and out, you can empathize with them. Remember, empathy can take you so far!

More comfort selling = better website

This brings me back to websites. Your newfound confdent will show on your websites too. Your copy will be direct, relatable and on point. Your offer will be uninterrupted, succinct and desirable. And, guess what that means? MORE SALES BABY!

When your brand shines, empathizes and connects it can be the greatest selling asset for your online business. That’s because a website is always there when you’re sleeping, working with your current clients or are just enjoying life.

It also means that it’s all automated for you. And that is indispensable. You don’t have to worry about cold pitches, DMing people on social media and soliciting referrals. People come to you and book you because they like what they are heading. An optimized website is a critical aspected in business automation. And, it works the best for your business only when it’s optimized.

All this leads to more freedom. And freedom is whatever you need it to be. It’s the reason you chose to start your business in the first place. Remeber, a successful business doesn’t only benefit you but your clients, family, friends, community and so on…

Selling online - money sign in a notebook

Beyond websites

I want to point out that gaining confidence in selling won’t only be reflecting in your highly converting website. Of course not! It’s a whole effect. You will sound more confident and sure of yourself on sales calls, when meeting people either on the street, or while networking as well as in your other campaigns. It will affect the way you compose your blog posts, Instagram posts, webinars or whatever else you’ve got going on. That’s how you’re going to grow your business.

The takeaway

How or where you choose to sell is ultimately irrelevant. The thing that matters the most is that you get real with yourself and take the time to develop an intimate understand of both your client and your value.

Ask yourself the questions I posted in this article. Really sit with it if you’re unsure how to answer them. Getting to the core of your fears is the only way to move past them into growth.