What makes a designer a professional?

When it comes to business assets and investments, such as websites and the like, there are things which many people don’t realize. That’s what makes professionals. The things that make a website, a social media campaign, or a webinar profitable is ingrained in the professional’s mind. We have years of experience, we know what you don’t because of it.

I’m not writing this post to brag. I want to show you, hell, even prove to you, how I think about websites. I want to give you a glimpse into what goes inside my head as I work with my clients that allows me to turn my clients’ sites into profitable, highly-converting business assets.

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2 design fundamentals that have a huge business impact

Little things can quickly add up over time to either hurt or improve a visitor’s experience on your website. Why do small changes, lead to significant business differences? One minor issue here and there isn’t going to significantly affect the conversion rates, per se. But, a few of them will quickly add up and change the overall experience on your website. What kind of small changes are we talking about? What sort of huge business impact can they have?

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How to write positive, energetic and confident copy?

Writing copy can be a challenge. Not all of us find writing easy, myself included. Yet, it’s got to be done. I do believe all business owners should be able to speak about their business confidently on their own. It’s a worthwhile skill to invest in. However, if you can hire a copywriter I still strongly suggest it. When you know how to write confident copy and speak energetically about your business it will make your collaboration and partnership a lot better with your copywriters!

I’ve devised a 3-step plan on helping you get the hang of writing confident copy yourself. Shall we?

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5 benefits of the copy-first approach for launching landing pages

As a web designer, I’ve come to think of launching projects differently over the years. I wanted to share with you this process and its benefits. It leads to more efficiency as well as better project management. However, the biggest reason I want to share it with you is that this copy-first approach yield significantly higher results specifically around conversion rates.

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4 overlooked reasons why brands with strong stories thrive

Emily Esfahani Smith writes, “Stories are particularly essential when it comes to defining our identity – understanding who we are and how we got that way.” She’s talking about people and our personal identities. Here’s the thing though, when it comes to business, it’s no different. When we meet someone, we often ask questions and inquire about them to get to know them better. We look to see if this is someone we could get along with and connect with. Again, business is no different. That’s precisely why brands with strong stories thrive. Shall we explore how?

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Is self-love the secret to running a successful business?

Here’s the thing; if you don’t see self-love as an essential business skill, we need to talk right now. As the title suggests, I do think self-love as a business owner is a key in helping you find the success you’re looking for. Sure improving your sales funnel or conversion rates matter – actually they matter a whole lot – but you can’t grow your business without confidence, and that’s where self-love comes in!

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3 growth benefits of understanding your target audience

Identifying your target audience helps your business in a multitude of ways, such as helping you create the most effective marketing campaigns. Additionally, it can have a significant effect on your branding. Knowing who you’re trying to serve with your company will allow you to target, connect and convert clients and customers much more easily. It gives you a clearer idea in which direction to shift your business focus and efforts to as well.

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How to form the most amazing partnerships?

Partnerships with other online businesses can grow and improve your own business dramatically. This is especially true for areas where you don’t have adequate skills, resources or reach. Actually, for small businesses on a budget a partnership can be an incredible boost in visibility, reach and even sales (even with other small businesses)! The right partnership and the right project can go a long way in helping both of the businesses reach new audiences without breaking the bank.

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