3 growth benefits of understanding your target audience

Identifying your target audience helps your business in a multitude of ways, such as helping you create the most effective marketing campaigns. Additionally, it can have a significant effect on your branding. Knowing who you’re trying to serve with your company will allow you to target, connect and convert clients and customers much more easily. It gives you a clearer idea in which direction to shift your business focus and efforts to as well.

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4 tips for creating authentic branding

I’m sure as an online business owner you’ve asked yourself how to stand out from the crowd and gain recognition among your target audience. The not so secret way is to channel your authentic self, story and the purpose of why you started your business. Whether we’re talking about your overall brand, your website, landing pages, webinars blog post, even social media, speaking your message from the heart is a great way to express yourself authentically. Let’s call this branding from the heart as authentic branding.

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4 ideas for improving your pricing strategy today

I like to read a book month, but this year I’m challenging myself to two books a month. In March I started to read Dollars and Sense by Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler. My kindle says I’m only 12% into the book. However, this book is so jammed packed with fantastic money psychology I had to write a blog post about it right away. So here we are! In this post, I am going to examine a few different ways in which you can strategically position the pricing of your products or services.

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