How to write positive, energetic and confident copy?

Writing copy can be a challenge. Not all of us find writing easy, myself included. Yet, it’s got to be done. I do believe all business owners should be able to speak about their business confidently on their own. It’s a worthwhile skill to invest in. However, if you can hire a copywriter I still strongly suggest it. When you know how to write confident copy and speak energetically about your business it will make your collaboration and partnership a lot better with your copywriters!

I’ve devised a 3-step plan on helping you get the hang of writing confident copy yourself. Shall we?

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Reliable fundamentals on selling to your target audience

This one is for all of you who are struggling to find more ideal clients umongs your target audience. People are everywhere. It’s knowing the best place to show up and get them to be interested and to convert. That’s the overwhelming part, isn’t it? I understand that. So, let’s go over the plan to figure out how to know exactly where to show up and how to grab your target audience’s attention.

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5 benefits of the copy-first approach for launching landing pages

As a web designer, I’ve come to think of launching projects differently over the years. I wanted to share with you this process and its benefits. It leads to more efficiency as well as better project management. However, the biggest reason I want to share it with you is that this copy-first approach yield significantly higher results specifically around conversion rates.

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How do tech companies benefit from superior business results?

Often times businesses, especially small ones, rush into launching and lose sight of a key ingredient, the user experience. Even launching your newly redesigned website without investing in user experience can bring disappointing and underperforming results. And if the results were great, imagine that they could have been significantly higher if taken the time to invest in user experience. That’s because doing so sets a foundation for getting the best possible results off the bat. And by results, I mean sales and signups galore!

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The best growth hack: focus on your target audience

The best way to make meaningful connections and relationships is to focus all your energy on yourself. Right? Wong. Very wrong. The same applies to companies and their branding. The fact of the matter is that in order to build a successful business you should put the focus on your target audience instead of yourself. It will take you significantly further. Just as we don’t like meeting people in real life who only seem to talk about themselves, we don’t care for companies who do the same thing either.

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How do you feel about putting clarity over visual design of your next website?

Putting clarity over visual design can have significantly better business results for you. That’s because pretty websites, no matter how gorgeous, will only go so far. A proper website is one that has a lot more forethought put into it. And that will make your website a reliable asset for your online business that converts at significantly higher rates.

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4 overlooked reasons why brands with strong stories thrive

Emily Esfahani Smith writes, “Stories are particularly essential when it comes to defining our identity – understanding who we are and how we got that way.” She’s talking about people and our personal identities. Here’s the thing though, when it comes to business, it’s no different. When we meet someone, we often ask questions and inquire about them to get to know them better. We look to see if this is someone we could get along with and connect with. Again, business is no different. That’s precisely why brands with strong stories thrive. Shall we explore how?

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The 5 best ways to assure your website is failing your business

There are many different things you could be doing that unintentionally are causing your website to be failing your business. When your website is failing your business, it means fewer conversions, fewer sales, fewer visitors and a smaller reach among your target audience. It means that you’re not getting the results you want to for your business. Let’s have a look at the 5 most common mistakes I’ve seen online businesses make that actually end up hurting them big time.

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