Paula here,
I design & write.

We are visual creatures therefore, aesthetics should be highly celebrated and enforced.

I do what I do today because when I was a young kid I wanted to be like daddy and make websites - he's a software engineer. I opened up Photoshop, made some weird neon pink and green design and said to him "Look! I made a website!" Keep in mind I was maybe 9. I meant to say "Look, I designed a splash page." My dad decided to correct me that it wasn't in fact a website. He proceeded to open up a text editor and showed me HTML and CSS so that I could make a legitimate website.

I'd love to tell you I've been making websites ever since, but that's not the case. I studied front end development and visual design in school where I found out I can combine my passion of psychology and web design into an actual career.

Today, I ensure that users' needs are met in a delightful way.

On the side, I run a blog about user experience.

Being Limited

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From discussing latest desing trands to tutorials on front-end development.

Freelance blogger

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Leading the design front for a small SF company.

Poll Everywhere

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I wrote a book that analyzes the design of mobile apps.

Mobile Design Book

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Working with companies like Adobe, Hupla, InboxApp or Lily.

Freelance designer

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