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I am a web designer who helps small companies and startups increase conversions or sales by communicating essential information to the customer in a beautiful way. It's all about making the path to purchase the easiest it can be; the goal here is effortless experience for your users because effortless converts. I will work with you to figure out exactly how to convert your leads into sign ups or sales for your online business. I do this by understanding your target audience and their needs through a lot of research and planing. In the end, you get a beautiful website that's easy for them to use.

I enjoy working with smaller companies and startups who want to improve lives of their own customers. I've worked with companies in various fields such as education, travel, photography and even software. I am proactive in the projects I work with because I'm here to help you. I'm a designer which means working with me will yield something aesthetic without a doubt but I understand that being smart and strategic is much more important to you running a business. After all, design has a purpose which is to solve problems. Let's solve yours together!


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What others have to say

Paula is a great designer with a discerning eye and incredible work ethic. She will ensure the work gets done and done well.
— Sam DeCesare, Poll Everywhere
Paula is amazing to work with. She is very quick at creating
deliverables and responding to questions. Paula is definitely
my go to designer every time I need help.
— Robert Kuykendall, Mighty
Paula led a project that rethought the new student experience at Thinkful. Her efforts, which spanned dozens of student interviews, designs, project management, and QA led to the largest single change to student retention we’d seen to date. Thinkful saw a 20% increase in students successfully completing their free trial as a direct result of her work. That’s a lot of education we now get to provide
— Darrell Silver, CEO at Thinkful

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PS. I won an award at the Adobe Creative Jam with Miriam Rosenhaus ;)